16 June 2011


assalamualaikum :)

"I love you. but sorry, i already have someone else.."

haaaaaaa jgn salah sangka. dayah tak terjebak dengan bende alah cintan cintun ni. yg td tu adalah tugasan kitorang untuk kelas BEL260 (intermediate english).

lecturer kitorang untuk BEL260 are mdm turisiana untuk reading n writing, while mdm khadijah untuk speaking and listening. yang kesiannya, semua kelas madam Turis msty sebelah petang. pukul 4 smpy 6. yessss itu waktu yg sgt best untuk tido! hehe naseb baik la madam turis ni mmg sporting gile.. mmg ktorang tak rase bosan bile belajar english ni. sebab madam turis tu cooooooooomel sangat :)

and today we learnt about transitional markers and linkers. sumpah best gile. we were given a task to complete the sentence she gave. the sentences are...

1) I love you. but                               .
2) I love you, therefore                                 .
3) I love you. In addition                               .

at first it was hard. yeahh i dont have any experience in this 'cintan-cintun' matters. soooo I juz wrote something that make sense. haha then each of us need to tell everybody what we wrote. haha it was really funny. I enjoyed the moment sooooo much. (ntah pape je bile type dlm english.haha) here are some sentences made by my BEL260 classmates.

" I love you but I already have 4 girlfriends." haha sengal.

"I love you. In addition, you're rich." mata duitan!

"I love you. Therefore, I promise will take a good care of you." auwwwwww :)

yea. throughout this activity, we could see the personality of a person. there were some of them who was really romantic, some shown that there are falling in love and some prove that they never been in a relationship (as their sentence are all about study, parents and blablabla..) haha

and the sentence that I loveeeee the most was from Razi (he's my classmate from A2). he said..

"I love you, but you're a WOMANIZER!" yeahhhhh perhaps the sentence meant a lot to him. haha

overall, BEL class was really fun. last tuesday, madam khadijah wanted us to introduce ourselves as it was the first time she came into the class. she wanted us to tell our names, and add an adjective and a noun which start from the first letter of our names. understand?

lets have an example, (ceh mcm lecturer BEL plak aq ni. haha)

my name is Dayah. so i need to find a noun and an adjective which starts with the letter D. hence I told my classmates that "I'm Dedicated Doctor Dayah." wowww I never wanted to be a doctor, actually.

some of them came with a very interesting idea like 'Innocent iguana Izzudin' , 'Lucky Lady Liana' and even 'Admirable Alien Aidil.' haha interesting eyyy?

as conclusion, i really love BEL260 class. the ones who feel bored or sleepy in that class, perhaps you have some health problem? hmmmmm

ok. habis dah speaking. meh tulis dlm bm pulak. hari ni adalah 'hari berlemak'. sebab ape? sebab dayah makan nasi lemak untuk lunch dan nasi lemak untuk dinner. haha

*nasi lemak kat Raff (KKPR). pehh sedap gile. sambal dye mmg pedas abes la. sape2 yg rase x reti nk mkn pedas tu, tolong suro makcik tu letak smbal seciput je oke. harga dia RM2 sbb letak telur goreng je. :)

thats all. wassalam :)

with love,
dayah MG


  1. madam turisiana...hoho
    same la...lecturer bel kite..
    bes kan?

  2. yup. best gileeeeee weh! aq suke :)

  3. yup. nasi lemak yg super pedas~

  4. tinggtongg-wahh sedapnyaa nasi lemakk.unlucky kt sini susah gler nk jumpa nasi lemak emm....sedih gilaa:'(