25 November 2011



the second semester had arrived! I've lots of resolutions fr this sem. u can read it on the sidebar if u wish to know ------------------->

it's good to tell someone else ur resolutions bcoz the person can help to observe and tell you if u're on the wrong track.. yeah, I've just came back from my BEL (english) class. that's why I'm typing in english. Our BEL lecturer, Mdm Khadijah said that, "u need to improve ur english by reading, speaking , WRITING and even thinking in english." and yeah, thats what I'm doing right now. trying to think and write in english. hahaha I feel like it's really hard. but yet, I have to try my best..

back to the main topic, about being famous. is it sooooo great being famous? is it fun when all the people around u recognise u? is it nice when everyone greet u when they meet u? I donno. coz I never felt it. and yeah, it means that I'M NOT POPULAR. but who cares?

just now one of my classmates (a guy) asked me.. "eh kau ni hidayah kan?" yeah. that sounds funny. we've been in the same class since the first semester till now.. It's quite impossible that he never knew my name. hahahaha :) Am I too passive in class? or he is the one who is not concern about his classmates? I'm not sure bout that. but it's funny. yeah, I mean REALLY funny when someone you meet almost everyday don't even know ur name!

but it's okay. not being recognised is not a crime. haha :) but I'm glad that he asked if I'm Hidayah. what will happen if he never asked until the end of the second sem? then he will regret that he never realised that he had a super cute classmate once. heeeeeee :D

ohh yeah, I think I need to read more english materials. I'm stuck. I don't hv any idea to write. since kindergarden, I've been learning english for almost 13 years. but I'm still having problems with it. sigh. looks like I need to add one more resolution on my list, which is 'to improve my english' :D


  1. penulis blog ni hidayah zaid ke?

    #nice entry.

  2. haha,, nk tnye jgk!!
    awak hidayahzaid ke???
    jawab laa,,

  3. acece ... myanmar makan kucing tuuu .. hahaha

  4. nohjoy & yana : yeeee. saye lah hidayah zaid yg comeyyyyy tu :D

    Nuha : ohhh yeah. myanmar ku sayangggg.. haha :D